Monday, January 17, 2011

Tickets for Hostile Driving towards Bus'

One thing that I would like to see, which I have not heard of ever being implemented any where , is issuing tickets for hostile driving towards bus'.  Whenever I am on a bus and it needs change lanes, or pull out of a bus stop cul-de-sac,  I notice that it cannot do so for quite a while.  Every time a bus needs to change a lane, its almost guaranteed that the bus will have to sit there as multiple cars will speed by, as they don't want to be stuck behind the "bus".  This often results in a bus driver having to take matters into their own hands, and will commence changing lanes cutting someone off.  This is dangerous and wouldn't be necessary if others drivers would play nicely.  Any one that uses transit often knows that most bus routes are designed to hug the right lane so that passengers can be dropped off and picked up from stops at the sidewalk.  So when a bus needs to change into a left lane they will not be there for long, as they are most likely turning left or avoiding an obstacle.

By discouraging this kind of hostile behavior towards bus' you can ensure that there is one less element causing delays.  I think that it can easily be enforced by installing video cameras facing forward at the front of the bus and facing backwards at the back of the bus.  This would be similar to the video cameras installed on police cars.  Transit systems would be to able capture license plate numbers and issue tickets for any infractions, and would have the evidence to back their cause.  You could even utilize these cameras to provide an extra eye on the road to capture other non bus related infractions, or accidents thus decreasing our police forces burgeoning load and adding another deterrent for bad driving habits. By allowing a bus to get to its destination on time you increase safety, and public transits attractiveness in this automobile frenzied world.

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