Friday, January 21, 2011

Cancelling the Yellow

It arrives once a year, even though it is entirely redundant for most people.  Yellow pages continues the wasteful tradition of delivering a phone book to every residence, regardless of whether they actually wanted one.  These yellow pages are wasteful in a number of ways, the fact that they are made of paper, the fact that some one has to deliver all of these phone books, and the fact that recycling the thousands of phone books requires energy.

The good news is that there is a way to cancel your unwarranted "Subscription".  If you do not want the yellow pages to be delivered to your residence any more since you see the sustainability of using the Internet instead, go to  You have will have to fill out your information, and most importantly select the boxes under the "I don't want to receive" column. 

If a phone book still happens to make its way onto your door steps, please make sure that you remove the plastic bag that wraps each phone book before you throw it into the recycling.  Since our recycling facilities simply do not have the labour or machinery to remove the plastic, the phone book will end up in the land fill instead.

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