Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bulk Barn In Calgary

Calgary's First Bulk Barn Conveniently Located a 6 Minute Walk from Whitehorn Station

Calgary's first Bulk Barn has opened today!  It is located at 3508 32nd Avenue NE conveniently six minutes walking distance southwest of the Whitehorn LRT station.  When I was in there after work it was surprisingly busy being only its first day open, and they have not even made any announcement about their opening as far as I know.

Bulk barn has a great variety of candies, spices, nuts, and dried fruit/vegetables.  I am a big fan of bulk barn since they have more of the more "exotic" spices that Canada seems to be adverse to such as cardamon, or cumin seeds.  Other groceries stores like Safeway only offer limited bulk options and the spices they do sell only come in plastic of glass bottles, or large bags which contain more spices than you need.  At bulk barn you can get the exact amount you need.  They also sell popcorn spice at 1/3 of the price of the pre-bottled varieties else where. 

As I have explained in my previous post Bulk and its Impact on your Waste Line, when you use less packaging your costs go down as well.  Bulk barn is generating huge savings while eliminating a large amount of plastic packaging waste,  and they are passing these savings onto their clients.  The items at Bulk Barn are considerably cheaper than the prepackaged items found at other grocery stores. 

So make sure that when you shop at bulk barn that you try and use the smaller bags available by their spices, and save these bags so that you can reuse them on future Bulk Barn visits. 

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