Thursday, March 17, 2011

103 Year old Cyclist

Over at Treehugger they ran a story about the "World's Oldest Cyclist" Still Riding Daily at Age 103.  Octavio Orduno was born in 1908 the year right when the first car was introduced to the world, the same car that proliferated into the crisis of fossil fuel dependence that exists today. 

Octavio has lived for over a century, you just have to think of the wisdom and experiences this man would have gained.  This man has been through the evolution towards our modern society.   He has been through the roaring 20's, dirty 30's, both world wars, and the abandonment of proper urban design after WWII.  This man would have experienced the construction of national railways and their abandonment. He would have experienced roadways being used by all modes of transportation, and the roadway hijacking by automobiles.

Yet with all of his wisdom and experiences, he chooses to maintain a active lifestyle of cycling.  That certainly makes a statement.  It is also probably due to his decision to be active and continue cycling, along with the fact that he doesn't smoke that has led to his prosperous life. 

The main point to take away here is that if a 103 year old man is able to cycle, then there is no doubt that you cannot do so as well.

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