Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Climate Action Requires a Thought

Governments around the world are not taking a strong enough stance to curtail climate change.  Governments will only take strong action to prevent climate change if their people are demanding action.  If people were to lend a thought for climate change once a day, and if news outlets generate the proportionate attention for possibly one of the greatest threats humanity faces in this age, governments would be quicker to act on climate change.

It is human nature deal best with the now, and it hard to give credence to faceless enemy a few years away.  This can be especially true in these days of economic hardships, where you are overburdened with more work with fewer resources while you worry about making your bills daily.  You may have your children's mouths to worry about feeding.

It will be inevitable that if we continue our current path that climate will soon be at the very forefronts of our thoughts.  Extreme weather events will continue to increase, and with that peoples homes destroyed, crops destroyed and people displaced.  As a result food prices will rise, it has been shown that as food prices rise so does people's frustration.  The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and the remaining Arab spring nations can all be linked to a preceding rise in food prices. 

It is inevitable that humans will rise up strong and hard against the enemy of climate change.  However we can help speed this up by giving Climate a thought but once a day, and help avoid the pains that will come by delaying action.

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