Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Calgary LRT Improvements

Image Credit: www.Edmonton.ca

Calgary's LRT is finally starting to modernize.  I was quite taken back when I moved from Edmonton to Calgary to find that the fare machines at Calgary's LRT station did not offer change.  Edmonton's fare machines are not all that futuristic, and they only allow you pay with cash.  At least Edmonton's fare machines allowed you to use bills and gave change. 

Image Credit: http://calgary.openfile.ca

Until recently the vending machines at Calgary LRT stations did not offer change, the machines still do not still accept bills.  However the machines do accept credit cards, and will soon also accept debit cards.  Calgary will eventually roll out a smart card next year, which will help eliminate the waste associated with single and monthly fares.

Image Credit: http://calgary.openfile.ca

Calgary is also making another improvement to their LRT stations.  The stations are being retrofitted with LED passenger information signs. These signs will provide another level of information for patrons, such as messages detailing delays.  Calgary currently has 3 branches, soon to be four next year and these signs will help by displaying the destination of the arriving train.  These signs are of a great benefit for the hard of hearing, and even for those who are not in loud environments.  Also with installation of GPS on the trains which started in April, these signs will be able to display real arrival times of your next train. 

The future is finally starting to arrive in Calgary.

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