Monday, June 13, 2011

The Water Issue

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Treehugger has this great infographic displaying some of the stats concerning our increasingly dire water situation.  Those of us in the developed world have it easy, we can turn the tap and have water to drink it any time we want.  We have invested countless dollars building water treatment plants which clean the water the we flush down our toilets.  Our refuse does not end up tainting our waterways, and we literally do not have to eat where we shit. 

Quite often many of us forget how fortunate that you are to when we take excessively long showers or we spray our drive ways.  One billion of your fellow human beings are going without access to clean water every day.  The following is a charity that specialize in providing access to clean water for those with out it. 

This charity is good as the operating costs are covered by sponsors, this means that 100% of your donation goes to what you intended it to.  Providing the proper water sanitation helps the environment as well.  This means that human fecal matter will not make its way into the water untreated, humans as well as animals do not get sick drinking contaminated water.  Having the proper infrastructure in place prevents humans from taking drastic measures to ensure their survivability, and this poses a reduced threat for the environment.  Please take the time to donate and help one of your neighbours, do not kid yourself even one dollar will make that much more of a difference.  A water project only costs $5,000, $20 provides one person with water, and $1 provides 5% of that.

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