Thursday, May 19, 2011


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My girlfriend and I have recently started composting for our very first time.  We both came from families that composted as well, with my parents owning two composting bins.  You never really know how much of an impact composting has on your waste levels.  Since we are vegetarians, basically any waste that is produced from our food can go directly into the composting bin.  Since starting our compost we have seen basically zero waste going into the trash can,  we of course still have a gross amount going into our recycling.  The beautiful thing is that we also make vegetable soup stock with left peelings, and once we are done with that we can throw it into the compost, the ultimate recycling.

It goes to show that it really should be mandatory for cities to have to compost, the city of Edmonton already does this.  When the trash comes into the Edmonton waste facilities, the compostable materials are separated and contributes to Edmonton 60% waste recycle rate.

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We also have a great mini bin for the kitchen, so that you can collect more compost material, instead of having to carry the waste out to the composting bin every day.

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