Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is the best way to reduce your impact?

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Over at Treehugger they have this great graph which breaks down the various ways you can reduce your impact.  The graph also provides a value of the benefit for each action.  If you were to change your diet by eating less meat, and choose to telecommute instead of driving to an office, you generate double the benefit than the majority of courses of action.  If you have no choice but to drive due to your work location, you can still generate a reduction of impact if you drive properly.  If you accelerate slowly, brake infrequently and follow speed limits you can dramatically improve your fuel efficiency.  You generate a respectable savings just by maintaining your vehicle. 

I just wanted to share this graph because it provides a direct comparison between various methods,.  The biggest thing to take away is that it shows just how much of an impact our eating and commuting habits have. 

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