Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home - Our Current Situation

I recently stumbled upon a new documentary that already has some 400 million views.  The video called Home, is available for free on YouTube here.  The video is about a hour and a half long, so you will need to set aside a little bit of time to watch, but it is well worth it. 

The video revolves around stunning aerial birds eye views of the worlds beauties and man-made ugliness.  The video starts off fairly slowly depicting some of the developments that brought us to the environmental mess that we now find our selves in.  The video then picks up pace by showing us some of the climate and environmental changes occurring today, and the corresponding causes.  Home tends to focus more on the agricultural and resource extraction effects on our environment, and presents numbing facts such as 80% of the worlds resources are being used by only 20% of the worlds population, and the 20% consists mostly of the wealthier nations.  That 3/4 quarters of our fishing areas have been depleted, or that 70% of our water usage is a cause of our agriculture and livestock. 

The video paints a dire picture of our current situation, however it ends on a positive note that it is not time to be a pessimist and that we can change our behaviors to reverse the impending climate changes.  I deeply hope that you will watch this video and pause to think about your actions and how they do affect everyone else on the planet.  There is no isolated variable in our Home and we need to start realizing this.

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